Severe Weather Info

Severe Weather

In the event of a hurricane or other emergency situation threatening southern Brazoria County, BCS will keep parents and students informed via email, updates on the home page of the BCS website, Facebook, Twitter and through Houston area radio and TV stations regarding school operations, including school closure, cancellation of athletic events, special events, etc. To sign up for the BCS Twitter or Facebook accounts, click on the Twitter and/or Facebook logos at the bottom of this page.

We will use KSBJ FM 91.1 as our primary means of radio communication. If BISD closes due to a hurricane or severe weather, BCS will also close. Check with BCS regarding reopening dates following severe weather as we may not follow BISD.

Hurricane Season is June 1 – November 30.

Resources and Helpful Links

2013 Brazoria County Hurricane Preparedness Brochure

Hurricane Preparedness

Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Tracking Chart

Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart

National Weather Service Hurricane Plan Checklist

National Weather Service NOAA Weather Radio transmitters providing
continuous broadcast of weather, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week

KHB-40 broadcasts from Galveston at 162.55 MHz.

WGG-40 broadcasts from Bay City at 162.425 MHz.

KGG-68 broadcasts from Houston at 162.40 MHz.

Websites with local weather information:

KHOU Channel 11 Weather at

NOAA Weather Radio Web Site at

National Weather Service, Galveston Forecast Office

The Weather Channel Hurricane Central