BCS High School Electives

Written by Klark Parten and Selina Dan

At Brazosport Christian School, there are a multitude of electives available for students that are in grades 6-12. Students in grades 6-8 rotate around Music, Art, and Marketing/Yearbook every nine weeks. However, students in grades 9-12 are allowed to select one elective to stay in for the entirety of the year. Students have the option to take Marketing/Yearbook, Art, Music, Mr. Lawhon’s Holocaust Class.

Bo CarterThis year BCS has a new head of Musical Arts. Bo Carter started at BCS this year and has since taught the kids in his music class how to lead a student lead chapel. The students have become musicians and have a full praise team with a lead vocalist, guitarist, and a keyboard player. Some female students sing in a trio or quartet, such as Kaylee Conner, Bella Newby, and Carlie Martinez. Hunter Simmons leads the group as lead vocalist and guitarist. Seth Henderson backs him up with the guitar. Callie Listak plays the keyboard and Luke Coburn plays the Cajon.

Mrs. Magallanes teaches Yearbook and Marketing. This is her first year teaching this class. With a background in marketing, she is more than qualified. We interviewed Mrs. Magallanes recently. When asked what sparked her passion for marketing, she said that her experience and passion in marketing stems from her parents being in the business themselves and she learned the ins and outs of the business from a very young age. She has been in business for years learning marketing and business trends as she went along and she still helps her mother run a boutique that they started about 7 years ago. She hopes to be able to implement some new idea’s and marketing strategies for the school as a whole, but also share her information to the students at BCS.

David LawhonMr. Lawhon is returning for his third year at Brazosport Christian. Mr. Lawhon teaches the Holocaust class during 6th period. When asked why he felt the need to teach this elective he said, “ It is his calling…why wouldn’t a liberator’s son do it?” He takes this elective seriously because he “owes his research to over 11 million people.” He has seven students that attend the class and loves every single one of them.

Homecoming 2021

Written by Hunter Simmons and Elijah Burris

BCS Homecoming students around table watching slideshow

Homecoming 2021 an amazing success! Student costumes flooded the hallways and school spirit filled the atmosphere. The week was an amazing celebration of all that BCS holds close, school spirit and student community.

BCS Homecoming students gathered aroundHomecoming, in general, has always been centered around the football team. It is a celebration of the last home game for the team. This year the Eagles were matched up against St. Joseph’s Catholic School. Many students and alumni came to watch and cheer on the Eagles. The game was a fierce clash which unfortunately ended with a loss for the Eagles. However, the following week the Eagles secured a victory against Grace Christian, ending their season with a win.

BCS Homecoming MCsThe Homecoming dance is the other main event the week holds. This year’s dance was amazing and gained much acclaim from all the students. The theme for this year’s dance was a “Night in Venice”, immersing students in an Italian dinner and a great time of laughter and dancing. Many memories were made that night, from the hilarious “Who’s Who?” awards, which showcase students on a range of different aspects, to the funny commentary given by the MC’s.

BCS elementary class gathered for a picture to show school spiritHomecoming brings the school together and allows students to show their support for the school. It brings an energy and excitement to the atmosphere of the school that is just contagious. Homecoming 2021, you were awesome! We can’t wait to see what is in store for next year.

Quality over Quantity

When speaking with our Head of School, Mr. Sikes, about a feeling of overwhelmingness when it came to my load for that week, he simply smiles and answers “Quality over Quantity”.  These words seem so simple, yet they hold so much.  I usually feel the anxiety come off of my shoulders and back immediately when I hear that I am supposed to follow them.  However, before I know it, I’m back into the overwhelming feelings of balancing work, family, and life in general.  

As the holidays approach, I fear that the feeling of anxiety will not dissipate and I’ll be left as a frazzled mother trying to do her best in the midst of children excited that school is out and that holiday festivities are near.  I try to remind myself regularly of this “Quality over Quantity”.  What does this mean for me?  What does it mean for any of us?  As I was planning this blog on the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I looked up bible verses that brought peace, and I came across Matthew 6:25-34.

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

“Do not worry about your life!”  How is it that I have not been following this simple advice my entire life?  The Lord our God provides everything that we need to be able to live in his name.  This wonderful verse goes on further by saying “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”  That’s where it hit me, can I add more time to my life?  The answer is simple.  No.  No amount of working harder, no amount of stressing over work load, no amount of working longer hours is going to add any additional time to my life.  “Quality over Quantity” rings in my ears again.  

There are enough hours in our days to do the important things.  Work is definitely up there, but when the work hour is done, it’s time for family, it’s time for fun, and it’s time for rest.  “Quality over Quantity”, do your best during those work hours, spend good quality time on the tasks at hand, doting on them and doing less multitasking……less quantity.  Less stressing over the little things, less time stressing over that big pile of work, more time working on a committed task to get it done well.  There will always be work, and it will sit there and wait patiently for you to return and tackle it meaningfully. 

As the holiday season is approaching fast, this year try to put into practice “Quality over Quantity”.  Spend more time with your family and friends, take some time off to share recreational activities with them, enjoy the sabbath, pray, and enjoy peace as it is certain to be found.  Keep things simple.  Enjoy quality time with the ones that you love.  Set the tone for the rest of the family and I assure you, they will all fall into place.  As November approaches and we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you keep Mr. Sikes advice of “Quality over Quantity”.   May your holiday season be filled with many blessings and peace.  


Anna Magallanes


History of BCS

Written by Cooper Lowe and Hunter Simmons

BCS Playground

Here at BCS we want to remember our History. We see it as an important part of the school we are today. As Tryon Edwards once said, “Some of the best lessons we ever learn from our mistakes and failures. The errors of the past are the wisdom and success of the future.” While the school might not have had errors it definitely had some trials to navigate in its beginning years.

As Cynthia Woodard tells it, Brazosport Christian School was founded in 1980. Many people do not know this, but the school originally held classes at First Baptist Church of Lake Jackson instead of our present day campus located on Willow Drive. The school opened with 92 students after a group of families, who had been praying for a christian school, started the assembly. The school added a grade on every year as it gained more students, and eventually in 1992 the school offered Pre-K3 all the way up to 12th grade.

BCS Teacher Cynthia Woodard

Sadly a fire broke out in the library of First Baptist Lake Jackson and spread to several of the classrooms the school used. However, that did not stop the spirit of BCS. Cynthia Woodard says that they continued with the school year and just used some of the houses across the street from the church to conduct classes. Then two years later in 1994, the school opened up its own building located off of Willow Drive. It was just one building to start out with, but the Lord continued to bless the school with students and a second building plan was drawn up. In 2001 the school officially opened up its second building that would house secondary academics and the new gymnasium for the athletics program.

What started out as a group of families praying for a school has now turned into a family and culture that has been going strong for 41 years. Without their dedication and prayers our school would not be where it is today. What could have been shut down with a fire, turned into a two building campus that now holds almost 300 students who are being disciplined and taught to serve the Lord. We are very thankful for the dedication of those who came before us, and let their perseverance inspire us to continue building the legacy that will go on for many more years to come.

Teachers As Mentors

As parents we all share one familiar goal, we want what’s best for our children. We make decisions daily on the basis of their health and happiness. Although every family is in an entirely different situation, and decisions are made for each family for one reason or another, we still share this commonality in our intentions.

One of the decisions you’ve made that you share with all of the other parents at Brazosport Christian School is that you’ve made the choice to enroll your child(ren) in our campus. Something in our walls called you to join our family and make the investment in a private Christian education. As teachers and staff that love our jobs, we honestly can’t thank you enough, and look forward to seeing these children of God grow and flourish within our educational system. Many love private schools because of the small classroom numbers, allowing their children to move past being just a number, and becoming a pupil eager to learn. Others love the safety of a small campus, the non-tolerance of bullying, the clear value system, and the worship of our Lord and Savior in each class our students attend. Most do not even think about our teachers being mentors as one of the reasons that they love our school.

Our young people today face so many challenges. It’s extremely easy to get caught up in the wrong crowd and decision making that could affect all aspects of their future. Brazosport Christian School believes extra love, attention, and being a mentor to our students helps them feel confident in the road they are taking to graduation and the rest of their lives. For this reason, Brazosport Christian School is implementing a mentoring program for our upper grade students. By spending time in a small group setting, we are able to guide our students with motivation and by modeling positive behavior. In a small group setting, our teachers have the ability to provide words of encouragement, share unbiased opinions, and become a trusted ally to help with personal and educational goal setting that allow your child(ten) to become aware of who they are and where they are headed in this world.

A relationship with a mentor can provide knowledge and support, share inspiration, allow a student to open their mind, and most of all won’t judge. It is our prayer that our students take this experience as a personal growth opportunity and that they carry it with them through high school and after graduation. Thank you for choosing Brazosport Christian as your school of choice. We truly look forward to seeing your family thrive within our walls and are eager for new families to join our school community.

Anna Magallanes
Director of Development