Brazosport Christian School

Meet our Librarian, Mrs. Shoemaker

Written by Anna Magallanes, Director of Development

BCS Library in MotionMeet our Librarian, Mrs. Shoemaker

Mrs. Shoemaker has a long history at BCS as an Alumni (attending BCS from Pre-k through 12th grade graduation). She says that growing up in our school hallways led her to listen to God’s calling and send her own children here for schooling as well. While the thought about becoming a Librarian had never crossed her mind, when the position opened, she was excited about filling the role since she was already a parent volunteer helping in that area. Some fun facts about her are that her favorite color is green, her favorite number is the number 7, and one of her biggest achievements as librarian has been cleaning out and upgrading resources in our library.

When asked what a typical day looks like as the librarian here at BCS, she laughed and said “craziness”! It’s stocking shelves with books, labeling new books coming in, fixing damaged books, planning lessons, and preparing for students of all ages. Her favorite part of the day is hearing how much the students love going to the library. “It’s amazing to see the excitement of the students checking books out and bringing them back again to find a new adventure to read.” The role of librarian aids in encouraging a love of reading to the students from a young age and is implemented to the students by Mrs. Shoemaker in the encouragement of using their imaginations with the books and stories. Incorporating interactive reading activities that often include a craft, lesson, and scripture that go along with that week’s story are a fun way to teach and learn.

“Books are a fundamental part of the foundation of education and help build language and vocabulary.” The school library is a great place to start building that foundation in a fun way to enhance the education the students are receiving in the classroom. Although Mrs. Shoemaker has stated that she is not normally a bookworm, she thoroughly enjoys reading each week’s book lineup and preparing lessons for the different grade levels. Her vision of the library would be to grow the “series” book selection for our students, and bring back the Excellerator Reader which consists of bringing in updated technology. The book fair is a great way for her to find out what books and book series the students are interested in for the library and gives her a chance to order updated books from the proceeds the school receives from orders.

BCS preschool student readingThe book fair not only provides funds for the library and classrooms each year, but it’s an opportunity for students to browse and potentially take home books to add to their own personal collections. We hope that you can join us at our open house on October 20th from 6:00 – 7:30 to enjoy dinner supporting BCS scholarships, classroom games, and to visit the book fair in person with your child or grandchild. Pre-Order your dinner by clicking Here. If you are unable to attend, or would like to place a book fair order online, please visit our book fair website by clicking Here.