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Orchestra Teacher
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Job Description


  • Prioritize being with Jesus instead of doing for Jesus
  • Honor your spouse (or close family/friends) as your greatest work
  • Strive to work from your rest and not rest from your work
  • Implement steps toward participating in a sabbath rest
  • Open and honest communication
  • Hold a hospitable and welcoming demeanor
  • Be adaptable and refrain from reacting in emotion
  • Timeliness to tasks/meetings
  • Lead with a posture of listening
  • Refusing to assume or bear false witness to a person or a situation – ask questions and walk in what is factual and true
  • Work toward maintaining unity of the admin lead team and campus as a whole
  • Regularly commune with a body of Christ followers
  • Follow the Matthew 18 Principle in dealing with students, faculty, parents, administration, and community members.

Community Pledge:

BCS seeks to uphold a community of union and oneness. By agreeing to be employed with our campus, each staff member will agree to abide by the following “I Will” statements below to the best of their ability.

  • I will strive to take my next step toward maturity each day (physically, emotionally, mentally, academically, and spiritually).
  • I will do all things in excellence and to the best of my ability. I will refrain from obsession with results and control the measures I have control over.
  • I will own up to my faults and any wrongs I may make and complete the steps necessary to restore and correct any hurts, wrongs or faults I may have caused or influenced.
  • I will treat every person on this campus with the same respect shown to me by God and with the respect I myself desire to be treated.
  • I will work to strengthen and edify myself, my peers and my school through selfless acts and a posture of love and respect.
  • I will honor every person on campus as someone who is loved by God and holds the same worth, love and value as myself.
  • I will take care of myself in a healthy balance of work, rest, recreation and relationship with others.
  • I will remain open to applying the instruction and lessons taught first by the way of Jesus found in scripture and through the guidance of the staff and counsel of the BCS community.

With these measures lived by and honored we believe that our campus will serve as a light for our surrounding community, and will ensure a training into how to productively and effectively navigate each faculty member’s involvement in an interdependent community. This will be done with prudence and respect, as we seek to continue to walk with a healthy formation of discipleship within our BCS Staff Body.


  • Attend staff meetings and required professional development trainings and Bible studies as part of responsibilities for upholding campus certification and accreditation standards.
  • Hold a firm, fair, and consistent classroom environment where expectations, rules, and procedures are clearly outlined and explained. Remember to Discipline in private and praise in public
  • Uphold an classroom atmosphere that is hospitable in nature, uplifting in word, supportive in deed, unified in spirit, and seeks the well-being of each student at all times.
  • Uphold the heart, vision, and mission of the school and have all classroom decisions and activities flow from these tenets.
  • Input lesson plans in Renweb by the start of Monday each week that detail objectives and standards covered, essential questions, types of activities to be participated in and completed, and biblical integration points.
  • Establish and adjust course outlines and objectives by following curriculum guidelines and school goals; modifying plans on the basis of student diagnostic and assessment procedures.
  • Convey information to students by using a variety of best instructional practices
  • Assess student learning by preparing, administering, and scoring tests; reviewing and correcting assignments; eliciting student questions and responses; evaluating application of learning to classroom project results
  • Maintain student-learning results by providing instructional feedback; coaching; counseling, and disciplining students; planning, monitoring, and appraising learning results
  • Maintain records by documenting learning accomplishments (grades), attendance, and behavior in a timely manner
  • Guide students’ personal, spiritual, and social development by establishing rules and procedures for administrative matters, student verbal participation, and student movement within the classroom, between classrooms, and on campus.
  • Communicate appropriately with parents/guardians about child progress academically, behaviorally, and/or spiritually
  • Accept responsibility for other assigned duties deemed necessary for the operation of BCS by the administrative team.


– Content – Orchestra
– Part-Time Employment with Teacher Salary
– Start Date: Aug. 1st, 2023

How to Apply

Thank you for considering Brazosport Christian School as your place of employment.

You may download the application or apply online.


Please send your application along with your resume to:

Skyler Sikes
Head of School

Brazosport Christian School
200-B Willow Drive
Lake Jackson, Texas 77566
979-297-8455 FAX