Brazosport Christian School

2024-25 Re-Enrollment


Thank you so much for participating in our school and making it the great educational institution it is within our community! We have been overjoyed with the happenings of this year, and are in route to ramp up for another great year ahead for the 24/25 school year.

As we step into a new year, we are seeking to streamline and ease the re-enrollment process for everyone with an automatic re-enrollment path. Re-enrollment will officially begin on Monday, February 12, 2024. You will notice this new process runs on an opt-in or opt-out call of action where you simply communicate with us your intents for attendance with our school next year, and we help take care of the paperwork portions for you. Additionally, there will be a simple $150 fee for all returning students.

With the growth our school has seen, we are seeking to determine our classroom and staffing needs sooner so that we can best accommodate the services to our community and the many students and families waiting to join in with the BCS setting.

Below, you will find our tuition prices for the 24/25 school year as well as the BCS Fees Chart.

How to Re-Enroll for the 24/25 School Year

If you plan to return with us for this upcoming 24/25 school year, and want to ensure you have a reserved spot with our school, follow the steps below to re-enroll:

  1. On Feb. 12th a notification email from FACTS will be sent to each account payor’s email to follow to register and re-enroll for next school year.
  2. Simply forward the re-enrollment notice to, before sending please type yes or no on peace of mind and type your signature on the signature line, then hit send. 
  3. Make note that a $150 Re-Enrollment fee will be processed April 15th, 2024 for each student attending BCS.
  4. Please note the BCS Fees Chart for important information about withdrawing after the April 15, 2024 deadline. You can find the link below.
  5. If payment plan option needs to change for the upcoming school year, please inform Mrs. Klepzig (

How to Unenroll for the 24/25 School Year

If you no longer plan to join the BCS community for another year of education here are the steps to follow to inform us of your decision to unenroll from BCS for the 24/25 school year:

  1. Contact Mrs. Klepzig ( in our finance office via email or written notice prior to April 15, 2024 to inform us of your intent to move school settings next year.
  2. All students without a re-enrollment application submitted and returned as of April 15th will become inactive and no longer have a reserved place with our campus.
  3. If after April 15, 2024 there is a desire to return, please contact Mrs. Klepzig for steps to reactivate your account.

Thank you again for choosing to be a part of the Brazosport Christian School community! We hope to see all of you with us again next school year as we continue to seek to set the standard for education in our area.

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