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Top 5 Colleges and Universities Attended by BCS Graduates


Texas A&M



of Texas



Dallas Baptist



of Houston

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1Five-Year Average


Over 90% of BCS students attend a 2- or 4-year university after graduation and are equipped with the skills needed to succeed in college, trade school, or the career path of their choosing.  Our goal is that each of our seniors move forward with the guidance and confidence they need to take the next step into their future college and career path. Throughout high school, students will continue to meet with their guidance counselor and discuss the colleges that will help them reach their career goals.  We encourage students to ask questions and research their interests in careers and colleges so that we can assist them in finding the right fit for their post-high school experience. 


BCS Students attend a 2- or 4-Year University

2022 BCS Graduates

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Our school has partnered with Capstone College and Career Advising to provide you with a list of valuable college admissions resources. With this partnership, our students and parents will have unlimited access to an abundance of college counseling resources such as:

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Scholarship Opportunities


Attention BCS Seniors, Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines!

There are 10 scholarships with deadlines fast approaching at the end of April and May. To help keep you organized, download the scholarship sheet below that include links to specific scholarships.

This information was gathered from Check out their free scholarship search service.


College scholarships available to high school juniors.

Scholarships are not just for seniors. There are plenty of scholarships that you can apply to during your junior year of high school. Did you know that some scholarships may only be applied to by juniors?

According to, there are currently 25 scholarships with upcoming deadlines from the end of April to May. We encourage you to research the available scholarships for juniors. In addition, take advantage of the Scholarship Tracking Tool and replace the scholarships with ones that are applicable to you!

Strategies for Success

12th Grade
  • Begin locating online applications for your colleges of choice
  • Ask teachers if they are willing to write a letter of recommendation for you
  • Meet with your school counselor about your college choices
  • Schedule any remaining campus visits and interviews
  • Complete all college applications
  • Secure all Financial Aid forms and compile all information needed
  • Give your counselor any forms requiring submission of senior mid-year grades
  • After you have received any acceptance letters, notify the college you decide to attend
  • Notify the colleges that you have been accepted too, but are not attending and let them know
11th Grade
  • Plan to use your (3) “College Visit Days” to explore as many schools as possible
  • Continue your extracurricular commitments and community service activities
  • Take the PSAT provided by the school
  • Start gathering more specific information about colleges you are interested in
  • Visit College Websites
  • Put together an inventory of what you want in a college
    • What activities do you like
    • `What courses of study are you interested in
    • Would you be comfortable at a small or large college
    • Hot or cold climate
    • Close to home or further away
  • Use the PSAT results to practice and prepare for the SAT and/or ACT
  • Meet with your school counselor
  • Look online for admission requirements for your college choices
  • Register for the SAT and/or ACT
  • Consult the admissions website for the colleges you are considering
  • Campus visits – Schedule interviews and appointments well in advance
  • Begin researching scholarship opportunities
  • Continue to narrow your list of schools
  • Athletes that are interested in playing college athletics should contact the NCAA Clearinghouse at and the NAIA at and create an account
    10th Grade
    • Continue the good habits you began in 9th grade
    • Take the PSAT provided by the school
    • Use your PSAT scores to target areas for improvement
    • Continue to document extracurricular involvements and other activities
    • Get involved in meaningful community service and look into joining NHS
    9th Grade
    • Be in School Everyday, having good attendance is crucial to academic success
    • Get involved with one or more extracurricular activities that interest you 
    • Build a resume to help you keep track of your extracurricular activities
    • Take the PSAT provided by the school
    • Talk to your school counselor

    Colleges and Universities

    BCS Graduates Attended

    Let God grant what is in your heart and fulfill all your plans.

    – Psalm 20:4

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