Brazosport Christian School

Brazoria County Fair

Written by Anna Magallanes, Director of Development 

Sarah Heimeyer served as the Fair Queen candidate for Brazosport Christian School with Seth Henderson as her escort.Just a few short weeks ago several of our students participated in the Brazoria County Fair. We have such talented students of all ages, and it’s definitely exciting to see them shine in our local community. Sarah Heimeyer served as the Fair Queen candidate for Brazosport Christian School with Seth Henderson as her escort. Both part of the Class of 2023, Sarah intends to continue her education into Animal Science and is looking into Ranger and Wildlife Management after high school while Seth looks to attend Texas A&M University College Station and study Aerospace Engineering.

BCS's very own Fair Queen candidate delivering award to a participant.Sarah had the opportunity to represent our school and meet students from all over Brazoria County by delivering awards to some of the placing participants. Award winning can be an emotionally happy time for participants and a beautiful picture was captured of this very experience. Thank you Sarah for being a vital part of BCS and taking the time to devote your volunteering and kindness to our local community.

Art is a big part of the fair, and Mrs. Evans entered in several pieces of art from our students. If you haven’t walked the inner halls of the school where the artwork is displayed, I encourage you to stop in and take a look at all of the artistic talent that is in these walls! Several students won awards listed below, but we are so proud of all of our students for sharing their gifts and representing our school through the fair. Thank you parents for choosing BCS as your school of choice and allowing us to educate your child(ren) and teach them the way to walk with Jesus.

Names of award winners in no particular order:
Sunny Luster 3rd Place
Sarah Bartlett 1st Place
Lori Mulhollan 1st Place
Abby Jameson 2nd Place
Jillian Garrett 2nd Place
Riley Jones 1st Place
Whitley Ferry 2nd Place
Wynn Lester 1st Place
Madison Bui 2nd Place
Cole Knighton 2nd Place
Lanah LaCour 3rd Place
Cayna Theriot – Best of Kindergarten
Joey Evans – 2nd
Ariel Bui – 1st
Madison Mendoza – 2nd
Elyssa Rodriguez – 1st
Haley Speed – 3rd
Andrew Bautista – 3rd
Beau Seal – 1st
Landon Koury – 3rd
Kacee Ressler – 2nd
Joshua Seal – 2nd
Lexi Mendoza – 2nd
Sadler Rosenbohm – 3rd
Claire Walker – 2nd
Reese Shoemaker – 2nd
Sophia Phillips – 1st

Kate Henderson – 1st
Haxon Landry – 2nd
Evan Rickertson – 3rd
Jaxon Escalante – 2nd
Sophia Sweatt – 2nd
Haley Speed – 1st
Abby Jameson – Honorable Mention
Joey Evans – 1st
Annie Crawford – 3rd
Charlie Parker – 3rd
Hudson Krsak – 2nd
Lance Klepzig – 3rd
Carston Eddlemon – 2nd
Makenzie McEntire – First and Best in Show
Jaxon Landry – Honorable Mention
Tristen Gallagher – 1st
Jett Safely – 1st
Kenzie Wachtstetter – 1st
John Lunsford – 1st
Jagger Borel – 1st
Hazel Sikes – 1st
Layla Womack – 1st
Aydon Robinson – 1st
Eloise Thompson – 1st

Aubrielle Ricca – 1st
Eleyna Allen – 1st
Molly Liles – 1st
Georgia Carrasco – 1st
Eliana Juneau – 2nd
David Crawford – 1st
Tommy Crihfield – 1st
Ainsley Ray – 1st
Ella King – 1st
Logan Bergen – 1st
Luke Sullivan – 1st
Alivia Henry – 1st
Orson Xie – 1st
Breanna McClellan – 1st
Adelyn Lara – 1st
Avery Sheffield – 1st
Eloise Menard – 1st
Emma Stone – 1st
Lylah Demland – 1st
Case Ferry – 1st
Joel McCain – 1st
Haddon Ray – 1st
Reagan Shannon – 1st
Noah Waker – 1st
Brynn Darden – 3rd
Sarah Bartlet – 1st
Sunny Luster – 3rd