Brazosport Christian School

High School Retreat

Written by Anna Magallanes, Director of Development

2022 BCS HS RetreatCamp Cho-Yeh

Each year our high school students are loaded up on buses and head off to high school retreat for 3 days to give our students an opportunity to reflect in nature, worship, lower stress levels, find a sense of calm, and above all, have fun. The opportunity to reflect on their faith and build a community with their peers is a high priority for this trip. Camp Cho-Yeh in Livingston, TX was the location for this year’s camp, and the students enjoyed so many fun activities to create memories for a lifetime. Below are 2 high school testimonies from this inspiring trip.
Camp Cho-Yeh

Klark’s Overview at Camp Cho-Yeh

Before leaving the school at around 9:00 am, our head of school Mr. Sykes gave us the devastating news that we (the juniors and seniors) would be driving to Camp Cho-Yeh in the notorious wrapped bus. This bus was known for possibly breaking down or losing its A/C in the middle of its journey. However, for this trip, it did neither of those. Because of what could only be explained by the phrase “a Fun slide at Camp Cho-Yehmiracle from God,” the bus made it to and from Camp Cho-Yeh. The day the high school arrived at the camp, we were allowed full freedom to explore around the camp. Seth and I went around and found “the pillow,” some giant slides, and a huge tree house. At around 1 pm, we went to eat lunch which was prepared by the great staff at the camp. The lunch ladies were very hard-working and also kind enough to let us have seconds. The rest of the week included numerous activities such as the following: a zip line, the tree house, blobbing people into the lake, the king of the hill at the pool, a fun mud run, and archery tag. We also had multiple worship sessions and times of discipleship led by Bo Carter with Bella and Shane Newby, as well as being led by Coach Burris and Coach Martin. These are where God planted a seed into my heart to correct my actions and my heart. God brought back to me Matthew 15: 17-19. “17“ Don’t you see that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then out of the body? 18 But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them 19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.” Also he brought back to me the beginning of Mark 1 where John is seen living his life completely by faith. He dropped everything he had to follow God’s promise to witness the Messiah coming to the earth.

Building Team Work at Camp Cho-YehElijah’s Overview of Camp Cho-Yeh

This year for our highschool retreat we went to Camp Cho-Yeh. It was not like any of the other camps we have gone to. On the day of arrival I could tell it was different.There was more to do and we could explore the camp on our own. When it was time for our first meal, the staff there was very helpful and told us how to properly get our food. All of the ladies that prepared our food were very kind. After our lunch we went over to the activity side of camp where there was archery, rifle shooting, and ax throwing. All of the activities were great. After that we went back to our cabins so we could change into our swimsuits. The pool had a huge slide and a king of the hill dome. The staff taught us new tricks to do on the slide and joined in our games of king of the hill. On the second day we went to breakfast and had a delicious meal. After that we went to chapel. The chapel was led by Mr. Bo and Coach Papi. After that we went ziplining and to play archery tag. At around 2pm we walked up to a sports field to do a mud race. I participated in this event and I was covered head to toe in mud once I was done. It was the grossest thing I have ever done but it was the best thing we did at camp. When we were covered in mud we washed it all off in the lake. They had a slide and a couple blobs. Sadly we had our time cut short by oncoming weather. We were told we had to exit the lake. After this Zip Lining at Camp Cho-YehI and a couple classmates went to our cabin and cleaned and took a nap until it was time for dinner. After dinner we went to chapel even though it was still raining. Once the chapel was over we went back to the pool for thirty short minutes. Around 9:50 pm we went back to our cabin and went to bed. In the last few hours of our camp we packed up, went to breakfast, and to chapel one last time. After chapel we checked our cabin for any left items then hopped on the bus and headed home. It was one of the best retreats that I have ever been on with this school, and I would love to go again.