Written by Klark Parten and Selina Dan

At Brazosport Christian School, there are a multitude of electives available for students that are in grades 6-12. Students in grades 6-8 rotate around Music, Art, and Marketing/Yearbook every nine weeks. However, students in grades 9-12 are allowed to select one elective to stay in for the entirety of the year. Students have the option to take Marketing/Yearbook, Art, Music, Mr. Lawhon’s Holocaust Class.

Bo CarterThis year BCS has a new head of Musical Arts. Bo Carter started at BCS this year and has since taught the kids in his music class how to lead a student lead chapel. The students have become musicians and have a full praise team with a lead vocalist, guitarist, and a keyboard player. Some female students sing in a trio or quartet, such as Kaylee Conner, Bella Newby, and Carlie Martinez. Hunter Simmons leads the group as lead vocalist and guitarist. Seth Henderson backs him up with the guitar. Callie Listak plays the keyboard and Luke Coburn plays the Cajon.

Mrs. Magallanes teaches Yearbook and Marketing. This is her first year teaching this class. With a background in marketing, she is more than qualified. We interviewed Mrs. Magallanes recently. When asked what sparked her passion for marketing, she said that her experience and passion in marketing stems from her parents being in the business themselves and she learned the ins and outs of the business from a very young age. She has been in business for years learning marketing and business trends as she went along and she still helps her mother run a boutique that they started about 7 years ago. She hopes to be able to implement some new idea’s and marketing strategies for the school as a whole, but also share her information to the students at BCS.

David LawhonMr. Lawhon is returning for his third year at Brazosport Christian. Mr. Lawhon teaches the Holocaust class during 6th period. When asked why he felt the need to teach this elective he said, “ It is his calling…why wouldn’t a liberator’s son do it?” He takes this elective seriously because he “owes his research to over 11 million people.” He has seven students that attend the class and loves every single one of them.