Senior Walk and Other Goings On at BCS

Brazosport Christian School

Senior Walk and Other Goings On at BCS

Art in Nature 

Our High School Art students had the opportunity to be in nature on a field trip to the local Wildlife Preserve with Sherry Evans. By taking in their natural surroundings, artists can interact with nature using their senses to help them create abstract or realistic art. Not only were our students able to have fun, relax, and take in their surroundings, they were also able to be inspired by the beauty that our natural world has to offer.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation 2023 Collage

BCS and our parents pampered our teachers and staff for an entire week for teacher appreciation! There was lunch, breakfast tacos, coffee, churros, massages, gifts, and SO MUCH MORE!!! Thank you to our teachers for doing such an amazing job with our students, and thank you to our school and parents for taking the time to donate items that were used to treat our staff!!

Track and Field

Track and Field students that made State, were sent off in style last week! Some of our younger kids and cheerleaders even made signs! Way to go Track and Field! Boys won the Championship for Division 1 for the second year in a row and girls came in runner up! Go Eagles!!

Pledge at Angleton National Day of Prayer Event

Caleb Seal was asked to do the Pledge at Angleton National Day of Prayer Event. A local committee includes churches and officials in the nearby areas to meet in Angleton and have an observance for this special day. Way to go Caleb Seal!

Fostee Awards

Every year Mrs. Foster takes a “Field Trip” with her students – but they don’t leave the campus. This year the assembly room was decorated with Space themed items and all of her English students dressed up for a fun afternoon of “Fostee Awards”. Every student won something! It was a fun afternoon had by all, and it was such a joy seeing the students’ smiling faces!

Senior Walk

Each year, our Seniors line up in the back hallway dressed in their cap and gowns and make their way to the front of the school, through the parking lot, and into the Willow Church Chapel. Most of the time this includes their “Senior Song” and the entire school lines up in the hallway and cheers them along. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime. This year was no different, the students that will soon turn to Alumni made their way to Willow Church and enjoyed a memory filled chapel of music and speakers. Congratulations to our Class of 2023!!!

What Is Going on at BCS – May

Brazosport Christian School

What Is Going on at BCS – May

Bella Notte – Junior and Senior Prom 

Congratulations to Seth Henderson and Faith Simmons, BCS Prom King and Prom Queen

The end of the school year is drawing near and for some of our students it brings on the excitement of a few traditions that they’ve come to expect in April and May. As they’ve seen from the years prior to them, the Jr. and Sr. classes enjoy prom where they get to dress up in their best and spend an evening feeling glamorous and dancing the night away. This year’s Prom was held at The Springs Event Center in Angleton, and as the last big event prior to graduation, it was a night to remember! The theme this year was Bella Notte (Beautiful Night) and Seth Henderson and Faith Simmons were crowned BCS King and Queen. Congratulations!

8th Grade Lock-In

Another tradition that our students look forward to each year is the class Lock-in. This is a GALA Auction item that Amanda Mize with Edward Jones and The Miska Family with TJ’s Lube purchased for their 8th graders. Friday evening, parents dropped off their 8th grade students for a night of fun as the kiddos were locked in the secondary building for the night. Thank you to the volunteers who helped make this year’s lock-in a huge success! The students enjoyed a space themed escape room, Alien Attack Game, Food and drink (especially Dr. Pepper), Minute to Win it Games, Scavenger Hunt, and over 6 hours of 9 square!! We hope they made memories and enjoyed the festivities of the night!

Children’s Museum Field Trip

1st Grade Field Trip at the Children's Museum.

Our First grade students along with Mrs. Cravey and Mrs. Ramos attended the Houston Children’s Museum recently for a field trip. At BCS, we believe that field trips help to inspire creativity and provide hands-on learning experiences that help aid in the instruction of the classroom curriculum. Plus, let’s be honest, field trips are just FUN!! First grade had a blast playing and learning at the Children’s Museum Exhibits!

1st Grade on a field trip at the Children's Museum
1st Grade on a field trip at the Children's Museum
1st Graders taking a lunch break at the Children Museum

Senior Variety Show

The Senior Variety show is a long standing tradition for BCS. Each year, the Seniors get together and put on skits for some good old fashioned entertainment as they share their talents. This year’s Variety Show was themed in Luau and the students really put on a show!

Senior Class - Annual Variety Show
Senior Class - Annual Variety Show
Senior Class - Annual Variety Show

Birds of Prey Show

BCS had the privilege of watching the Birds of Prey show, sponsored by TJ’s Lube. There were 5 different birds including a vulture, owl, and hawk on display. The birds did tricks for treats and the speaker educated our students about each species of bird and their specific traits. Thank you TJ’s Lube for sharing this special treat with our students!

Birds of Prey show (sponsored by TJ’s Lube)
Birds of Prey show (sponsored by TJ’s Lube)
Birds of Prey show (sponsored by TJ’s Lube)

Annual Egg Drop

Mrs. Biesman’s egg drop project is a tradition here on the BCS campus each Spring.  Students from her science class build a device that will hold an egg and drop it from the second story balcony in the hopes that their apparatus will prevent the egg from breaking.  Several other BCS classes join in and watch as they all anticipate which device will protect their egg.  This year’s winners are as follows: 

1st Place:  Christy Essy and Hannay Kimbrough

2nd Place: Judah Newby, Tyson Rhone, and Brooklynn Sheffield

3rd Place: Faith Simmons

4th Place: Jacob Erdelt

Congratulations to the winners!

Science student competing in the Annual Science Egg Drop!
Science student competing in the Annual Science Egg Drop!

Dates to be mindful of:

May 1-5 – Teacher Appreciation Week
May 8th – 6-12th Grades Academic Awards
May 9th – Orchestra Concert
May 10th – Senior Walk and Chapel
May 15th – Junior High Sports Awards at Lunch
May 15th – High School Sports Awards Ceremony
May 17th – Splash Day
May 23rd – Kinder Graduation
May 23rd – Elementary Awards
May 25th – High School Graduation
May 25th – Last Day of School – We made it!!!

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What Is Going On at BCS?

Brazosport Christian School

What Is Going On at BCS?


The end of the 2022/23 school year is on the horizon and BCS is full of activities! From educational opportunities and sports, to senior recognition and testing, there is something going on each week that keeps our school calendar full! Be sure to keep up with goings on weekly via the school newsletter sent out by Mr. Sikes, or you can catch up with things that happened recently with the school blog sent out by Anna Magallanes, and you can keep in touch with goings on and other information via our school podcast hosted by Mr. Burris.

Recently our lower school was blessed to participate in a Seder lead by Mr. Shane Newby, one of our board members, and parent to students at BCS. He took the time to set up the different elements of the Seder and explained the meaning of the elements and led a full ceremony.

Mrs. Wied shared words below on why it is important to BCS that our students learn with hands-on experiences:

At BCS, we know that children learn best by being involved in hands-on learning. When teaching Missions it is essential to encourage the students by creating interactive experiences. Whether it’s learning about Moses and his encounter with God at the burning bush or understanding the Exodus of the Israelites and the ten plagues by enjoying a candy activity. Artistic creativity also helped students gain understanding of the Lord’s sacrifice as they painted their own scene of the first communion. Elementary 1st-5th grade students were blessed to participate in a Seder that included elements symbolic of the difficulty and celebration of the Israelites release from Egyptian slavery. We give glory and honor to God for the opportunity to teach the students about Him and his kingdom. We serve the risen savior Jesus Christ and praise His name.

~ Mrs. Wied

8th Grade Field Trip

GALA was a recent fun event that helped raise funds for our school, but also provided fun opportunities for some of our students and families! Our 8th grade students had the opportunity to attend a field trip to Galveston and play at The Pleasure Pier. Thank you to the Gilbert Family for sharing your Bucket Raffle Winnings with the 8th Grade Class! We believe that students should have a rigorous quality education, but we also believe that there should be time for rest and play! We hope you had fun 8th Graders!

Valedictorian and Salutatorian Announcement

It’s almost May which brings us to the end of another great school year! As we are all wrapping up in our classrooms and offices, we are eager to have the summer break upon us bringing fun and relaxation after the school year. However, for some students, this is the summer they will have in their memories forever, as the last summer prior to entering the workforce or furthering their education in a higher educational institution. Congratulations to the class of 2023, we hope you carry your memories and relationships with you as you leave our campus to follow your dreams. Congratulations to the Class of 2023, especially to Seth Henderson our Valedictorian, and Caleb Seal our Salutatorian!

Jr. Class Career Fair at College

Brazosport College hosts a career fair each year that the Junior classes from all the local high schools get invited too. This career fair has speakers in different career fields, a booth area where local businesses can set up and talk about their career fields and what it takes to get a job in that field, and other information useful to students that will be graduating soon and either furthering their education or entering the workforce. The BCS Jr. Class spent the morning attending seminars in work fields they were interested in, and learning about what is next in their futures, all while getting a glimpse of life on a college campus.

Dates to be mindful of:

April 19th – Birds of Prey Sponsored by TJ’s Lube, Clute
April 21st – 8th Grade Lock-In
April 21st – Prom
May 1-5 – Teacher Appreciation Week
May 3rd – Senior Walk and Chapel
May 8th – 6-12th Grades Academic Awards
May 15th – Junior High Sports Awards at Lunch
May 15th – High School Sports Awards Ceremony

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Serve Day

Brazosport Christian School

Serve Day


BCS student serving her community by helping to organize!Twice a year, Brazosport Christian School gears up to serve our local community.  This requires months of prep work to ensure we can smoothly transport over 300 students and teachers to various locations in our community to serve in different ways.  This year’s Spring Serves Day, our school helped by planting plants, cleaning parks, sidewalk chalking art for the elderly to enjoy on their afternoon walks, sorting through donated items and getting them ready for resale, collecting food for the hungry, and more.  One of the qualities we like to instill in our students is serving with a loving heart.  Before we set off to serve, we remind our students that this day is supposed to be fun, and also and more importantly, it’s an opportunity to help others.  Our goal is to teach our students through bible study, weekly worship, and twice annually serve day’s,  that serving is what God ordains us to do.

Seth Liles, one of the Bible Teachers at BCS had this to share about our Service Day:

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is God’s plan for my life”? Well, as with any question we have in life, the first place we ought to turn to for answers is God’s very own words to us.

Romans 8:29 CSB reads,

“For those he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son.

We find here that it is God’s plan, Ephesians 1:4 says “before the foundation of the world”, that we should grow in Christlikeness. But how do we do this? It is not enough to merely know what to do. The thought doesn’t count. We know we ought to eat better, exercise more, and be more healthy. And yet to grow in health requires making healthy choices. The knowledge must be put into action.

This is what the Sophomore Bible class at BCS has been working to accomplish. With Donald S. Whitney’s book Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life and 1 Timothy 4:7-8, “Train yourself in godliness. For the training of the body has limited benefit, but godliness is beneficial in every way.” As our theme verse, we have been taking practical steps to “grow in godliness”.

We have studied and practically engaged in several Spiritual Disciplines and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the year. We have worked through some that one would expect, such as bible intake, prayer, silence and solitude, and even fasting. There are also some that one may not expect, such as journaling, learning, stewardship, and serving. Each thoroughly examined and practiced for the sake of godliness. Not out of obligation or in effort to gain God’s love and favor or earn salvation, but from a place of joyful obedience because we have been saved by grace, we strive to grow in our personal relationship and experience with our heavenly Father who already loves us and calls us His sons and daughters.

One really exciting aspect of this class is not only the chance to have conversations about Spiritual Discipline, but also the chance to put our words into actions. After each we spend time discussing each discipline, looking at the biblical examples, the history and traditions, and practical application, we then actually discipline ourselves with that exercise. This is most recently seen as we looked at the discipline of serving. After hearing from Mr. Whitney that “serving is one of the most sure and practical means of growth in grace”, and “serving typically looks as unspectacular as the practical needs it seeks to meet”, we concluded this particular unit by participating in BCS serves day. As I stood and watched my students serve at Harvest for the Hungry, assisting this organization as they help feed people in our community who are nutritionally insecure, I was able to see words on a page and conversation in a classroom come alive. As these students presented themselves as a living sacrifice, loving their neighbor as themselves, this became a snapshot of what BCS is all about. The students have learned to live out this second half of what Jesus called the greatest commandment because they are in a school environment that cultivates and demonstrates the first half of that commandment; loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength (Matthew 12:28-31).

This is stated in the mission for BCS. To “provide families academic excellence with a Biblical worldview and equip students with qualities of knowledge, character, leadership, and service to the glory of God.” This moment was built on a biblical worldview, offering grade-level specific bible classes as part of a rigorous curriculum.

“Academic excellence with a biblical worldview” is accomplished through a curriculum which intentionally focuses on the God who created math, science, art, and language for our good and His glory. This should cause us to love God more.

“Equipping students with knowledge” leads them to love God with their mind. To use the gifts of logic and reason to learn more about God and His creation.

“Equipping students with character” fosters a heart that loves God. This is accomplished through the high expectations placed on the students. To be young men and women of integrity. By taking time each week, during corporate worship chapel, to look at God’s word together and be reminded from various local pastors of the expectation God has for His children to be holy as He is.

“Equipping students with leadership” is how a student can love God with their soul. With the choices and struggles students face on a daily basis, they are given the tools needed to lead at all times in doing what is right. In the classroom, on the court, on the field, in the cafeteria, at home, and in the world.

“Equipping students with service” is a means to love God with all their strength. Psalm 100:2 gives the imperative, “Serve the Lord with gladness”. The life of a Christian is marked by serving like Jesus (John 12:12:17, 13:35). Knowing God more leads to loving God deeper. Loving God deeper moves us to glad obedience. Offering students the opportunity to serve their school and their community is a reasonable and necessary component of a student’s Christian education.

Seeing this vision move from a textbook, to a conversation, to the hands and feet of my students has been a remarkable opportunity. I am grateful to be a partner with Brazosport Christian School in the development, not of future leaders and influencers, but of those who are leading and catalyzing change for the better today.

Grace and Peace,
Seth Liles

Brazosport Christian School continually thanks our families for entrusting us with their children’s education, our teachers and staff for their continued examples and teachings, and our community for allowing us to serve them.

Dates to be mindful of:

April 3rd – Spring Ladies Social at Table of Grace – Information and ticket purchase on Facebook

April 3rd – Iowa Testing

April 6th – 2nd Grade Class Party sponsored by The Schaefer Family

April 12 – 13th – High School Academic TAPPS Competition

April 13th – Brazosport College Junior Career Fair

April 17th – Variety Show

April 19th – Birds of Prey Show – Sponsored by TJ’s Lube & The Miska Family

April 21st – 8th Grade Lock-In – Sponsored by Amanda Mize and The Miska Families

April 21st – Jr. & Sr. Prom

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Thank you BCS Supporters

Brazosport Christian School

Thank you BCS Supporters


Brazosport Christian School is thankful for generations of families that have chosen us as the educational home for their children.  For over 40 years we have been able to continue our mission to provide a quality christian education that prepares our graduates for life after graduation.  Our mission of providing families with academic excellence and a Biblical worldview by equipping students with qualities of knowledge, character, leadership, and service to the glory of God is possible with the continued support of our families and community partners.  We carry our mission out by our Campus Heart of teaching and allowing all participants (student, staff, and stakeholder) to Be With Jesus, Become Like Jesus, and Do What Jesus Did in all areas of school and life.

As a private school, we do not receive public funding for needs that arise outside of our annual budget that is largely tuition based.  Brazosport Christian School has a desire to provide our quality christian education with leadership and character building to any family and student that wishes to share in our vision and heart.  In order to continue our mission and grow our student body, necessary expansion of classroom space, updated technology, new curriculum, and staff wages are required.

We have been blessed with continued support from our families and community partners!  Last year alone, we were able to update the elementary school curriculum, purchase a passenger van, paint portions of our facility, add security measures, updates in technology, and more!  Your financial support and donations have made a difference and we couldn’t have done it without you!  This year, we are hosting our annual GALA Dinner and Fundraiser to strive to reach a goal of $60,000.  These funds will aid in our school growth needs and ensure that we continue to provide our quality education to all students that wish to attend Brazosport Christian School.  We hope you join us for this fun event and support BCS!  Tickets and Sponsorships as well as flat donations can be purchased online at

Dates to be mindful of:

Feb 15th – 17th – Book Fair

Feb 17th – Grandparents Day and Mini Cheer Performance

Feb 20th – 21st – Student Holiday

Feb 27th – Board Meeting

March 3rd – Go Eagles GALA

March 6th – 4H Meeting

March 9th – 4H Meeting

March 10th – BCS Serves Day

March 13th – 17th – Spring Break

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