Written by Hunter Simmons and Elijah Burris

BCS Homecoming students around table watching slideshow

Homecoming 2021 an amazing success! Student costumes flooded the hallways and school spirit filled the atmosphere. The week was an amazing celebration of all that BCS holds close, school spirit and student community.

BCS Homecoming students gathered aroundHomecoming, in general, has always been centered around the football team. It is a celebration of the last home game for the team. This year the Eagles were matched up against St. Joseph’s Catholic School. Many students and alumni came to watch and cheer on the Eagles. The game was a fierce clash which unfortunately ended with a loss for the Eagles. However, the following week the Eagles secured a victory against Grace Christian, ending their season with a win.

BCS Homecoming MCsThe Homecoming dance is the other main event the week holds. This year’s dance was amazing and gained much acclaim from all the students. The theme for this year’s dance was a “Night in Venice”, immersing students in an Italian dinner and a great time of laughter and dancing. Many memories were made that night, from the hilarious “Who’s Who?” awards, which showcase students on a range of different aspects, to the funny commentary given by the MC’s.

BCS elementary class gathered for a picture to show school spiritHomecoming brings the school together and allows students to show their support for the school. It brings an energy and excitement to the atmosphere of the school that is just contagious. Homecoming 2021, you were awesome! We can’t wait to see what is in store for next year.