As parents we all share one familiar goal, we want what’s best for our children. We make decisions daily on the basis of their health and happiness. Although every family is in an entirely different situation, and decisions are made for each family for one reason or another, we still share this commonality in our intentions.

One of the decisions you’ve made that you share with all of the other parents at Brazosport Christian School is that you’ve made the choice to enroll your child(ren) in our campus. Something in our walls called you to join our family and make the investment in a private Christian education. As teachers and staff that love our jobs, we honestly can’t thank you enough, and look forward to seeing these children of God grow and flourish within our educational system. Many love private schools because of the small classroom numbers, allowing their children to move past being just a number, and becoming a pupil eager to learn. Others love the safety of a small campus, the non-tolerance of bullying, the clear value system, and the worship of our Lord and Savior in each class our students attend. Most do not even think about our teachers being mentors as one of the reasons that they love our school.

Our young people today face so many challenges. It’s extremely easy to get caught up in the wrong crowd and decision making that could affect all aspects of their future. Brazosport Christian School believes extra love, attention, and being a mentor to our students helps them feel confident in the road they are taking to graduation and the rest of their lives. For this reason, Brazosport Christian School is implementing a mentoring program for our upper grade students. By spending time in a small group setting, we are able to guide our students with motivation and by modeling positive behavior. In a small group setting, our teachers have the ability to provide words of encouragement, share unbiased opinions, and become a trusted ally to help with personal and educational goal setting that allow your child(ten) to become aware of who they are and where they are headed in this world.

A relationship with a mentor can provide knowledge and support, share inspiration, allow a student to open their mind, and most of all won’t judge. It is our prayer that our students take this experience as a personal growth opportunity and that they carry it with them through high school and after graduation. Thank you for choosing Brazosport Christian as your school of choice. We truly look forward to seeing your family thrive within our walls and are eager for new families to join our school community.

Anna Magallanes
Director of Development