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Volleyball, Cheer, Football, and Cross Country Updates


Volleyball, Cheer, Football, and Cross Country Updates

Football – Triumphs, Teamwork, and Togetherness

Football is more than just a game, it brings together students who share a common passion for the sport and strive to represent BCS with school pride.  Our season is one for the books, filled with unforgettable moments, remarkable achievements, and lifelong memories.  As we take a look back at the incredible journey, we celebrate the triumphs, teamwork, and togetherness that defined this season.  Like any competitive season, our athletes faced their fair share of challenges, from injuries to tough opponents, as well as obstacles encountered that tested resilience and determination.  However, they refused to let these setbacks define them.  Instead, they embraced them as opportunities for growth and rallied together to find solutions.  While victories on the field are undoubtedly rewarding, what truly made this season memorable were the moments of celebration. Whether it was a game-winning touchdown, a crucial interception, or a perfectly executed play, each triumph was a testament to hard work and dedication.

The shared experiences, both on and off the field, brought the athletes closer together.  From team dinners to team-building activities, they laughed, supported each other, and created a bond that will extend well beyond the football season.  These friendships will undoubtedly stand the test of time, serving as a reminder of the incredible journey that was shared.  As our Eagles anticipate the upcoming playoff games, we witness what they have trained for, the power of unity, and the incredible achievements that can be accomplished when they come together as a team.

BCS Eagles Football Players Huddle

“This year our team is young and very talented. We started the year off with a team bonding retreat at the Pineywoods camp. The team attending this was everything a coaching staff could ask for. We got a chance to see our players in a different light outside of football. The organized team bonding exercises came in a close second to the unorganized exercises, if you can catch my drift. Haha

Even though we are young, the team is filled with experienced players. It also helps to have the reigning TAPPS 1A Male Athlete of the year on our roster, in Elijah Burris. Outside of Elijah, the team is filled with outstanding players such as Luke Coburn, Kole Calhoun, Kane Knighton, Heston Magallanes, Tyson Sullivan, David Kier, and a handful of Freshman that are ready to build their legacy and position themselves to be an important part of this team.

On Monday we held our All District meeting, and BCS was represented well.

Offensive All District Selections

1st Team All District

Wide Receiver – Kane  Knighton (2nd overall pick out of 2 picks)

Running Back – Kole  Calhoun (2nd overall pick out of 2 picks)

Utility Back – Elijah Burris( Unanimous selection)

2nd Team All District

Kicker- Josh Simmons

Hon. Mention

Offensive Lineman – Luke Coburn

Quarterback – David Kier

Defensive All District Selections

1st Team All District

Defensive Lineman – James Moore (3rd out of 3 selections) 

Defensive Back – Kane Knighton (Unanimous 1st pick)

Defensive Back – Tyson Sullivan (2nd out of 4 picks)

2nd Team All District

Defensive Lineman- Heston Magallanes

Linebacker – Luke Coburn

Defensive Back – Aiden Rodriguez

It is very important that we keep the momentum and keep ascending in the postseason moving forward. The further we go, the better our All District players have a chance to move up when it comes to All State selections. Their names will be presented in the same order as their All District selections. 

Our team has been working hard everyday on strengthening our bond and confidence in our gameplay. These boys are ready to shake up the state competition and receive the recognition they deserve.

Of course, behind every great team is an unbelievable coaching staff. Coach Danny Martin the Offensive Coordinator, also an Alumni, is the longest tenured coach on the staff and has been a major part of the team’s success. His balanced-aggressive offensive play calling is also a mirror of his coaching style and demeanor which I think plays a great balance for the team. Coach Chad Sims is our other Offense assistant and Head Junior High football coach. This is Coach Chad Sims’ second year coaching with Brazosport Christian School and he adds his own flavor to the team, especially when the mood needs to be lightened. Then there is Coach Pop aka Billy Sims. He is also 2 years into coaching with BCS. He was my coach as a young teenager and it is an honor to have him coaching on the defensive side with me. Every team needs a Coach Pop. Someone that is going to keep it real and say what’s on their mind. He’s our motivational speaker and really enjoys coaching the boys. Coach Pop is also our Junior High football coach.

We believe this is our year to do something great and make history! We need the BCS fanbase to continue traveling with the team and showing their support. Buckle up your seat belts, we are going on a little road trip!!!”  ~Coach Ricky Austin

Volleyball – A Spiking Success 

A Reflection on our Unforgettable Volleyball Season

With a record of (16-13-1), our recent BCS Varsity Volleyball Season was nothing short of incredible and filled with exhilarating matches and unforgettable moments. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork – or so they say, and from the first serve to the final point, our Lady Eagles demonstrated the true power of teamwork. Each player brought their unique skills and strengths to the court that helped to forge a bond fostering friendships and a sense of unity that propelled them to success. Bo Coburn and Hannah Kimbrough were selected 1st Team All District, and JuliAnna Crews and Christy Essy were selected 2nd Team All District. Way to go Lady Eagles!

No season is without its challenges, and our volleyball journey was no exception. Adapting to strategies and supporting each other through grueling practices and tough opponents in turn fostered growth both individually and as a team. We won Bi-District Playoff Round vs. Victoria Faith 3-0 and then lost in the District Area Round to Living Stones (3-0). We placed 3rd in District with a Record of (8-4). From hard-fought matches to come-from-behind wins, each triumph was a testament to our hard work and dedication. The joy and excitement that filled the gym after every victory united our school community and fostered a sense of pride. The memories created, the friendships built, and the skills honed will forever be cherished, serving as a constant reminder of the remarkable season that was shared.

“This year we are graduating (6) Seniors – All starters: Hannah Kimbrough, JuliAnna Crews, Stevie Aguilar, Christy Essy, Brooklyn Sheffield, & Atley Luster. Our returning Varsity Players are: Bo Coburn, Carlie Martinez, Bella Newby, Calleigh Bowen, and Jillian Garrett. We will be looking forward to infusing our team with young talent from our JV squad and an 8th grade group that nearly brought home the First Gulf Coast Athletic League Championship in School History. We are moving up to 2A next year but we are looking forward to the challenge!“ ~Athletic Director Robby Crihfield

Cross Country – Running Towards Success

Cross country is a sport that challenges individuals both physically and mentally, pushing them to their limits and beyond. Our school’s cross country team has recently completed their memorable season filled with determination, perseverance, and triumph. From grueling practices with Coach Amanda to unpredictable weather conditions (especially at the state meet in Waco), our team faced numerous obstacles throughout the season. However, it was through these challenges that they grew stronger, pushing through barriers, developing resilience, and reaching new heights. They discovered the value of time management and the impact of a positive mindset that will help them far beyond the racecourse, shaping them into more resilient, determined, and focused individuals. The memories created and the friendships forged will forever be cherished, serving as a reminder of the incredible season shared.

“The 2023 BCS Cross Country program came to an exciting close at the TAPPS Cross Championship in Waco, Texas. This was a great and much improved season for all of our runners – not to mention our school which hosted the ‘1st Annual Brazosport Christian School Invitational’. Below are just a few highlights from this season.

The year the Middle School Girls team changed the game for BCS! Not only did they take home three 1st Place Team plaques, our girls now hold spots #1 through #8 for the best Middle School Girl’s time for the 1600M. Let’s not stop there, they also hold spots #1-#6 on the 1.5 Mile race. Did we forget to mention, they hold spots #1-#5 in the 3000M race. Both Finely Krsak and Scott Wilson set new school records in the 1600M and 1.5 Miles; respectively. We could not be more proud of these ladies and the work they put in this year.

The High School Girls also gave impressive performances all year long. In the 3200M, Valerie Gonzalez set a new school record with Julie Duran finishing the year in the #4 spot on the 3200M best times at BCS. Both girls did great at the State Championship and improved upon times from last year.

The High School Boys gained their first 1st Place Plaque this year. Although we didn’t see any school records fall this year, but Eric Pigott and Garrett Jones moved into BCS’s Top 10 5000M runs at #5 and #9; respectively. In the 3200M, this year’s team now holds 7 spots in the Top 11 times at BCS. And finally, the BCS Boys Team finished in 8th place at this year’s State Championship – our best showing to date.

As the season comes to a close, we hope everyone continues training and we’ll see these runners back in action for Track & Field!” ~ Coach Ressler

Cheer – Spreading Spirit and Unity

Cheerleading is more than just pom-poms and energetic routines. It’s a sport that requires dedication, teamwork, and a passion for spreading school spirit. The primary mission of our cheer team is to energize the crowd and rally support for our school’s athletes with their infectious enthusiasm, creative routines, and captivating stunts. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, they continually challenge themselves to improve their skills, perfect their routines, and push the boundaries of what they thought possible. Cheerleaders are not just performers, they are ambassadors of positivity. They radiate positivity, uplifting and encouraging their fellow students, athletes, and even rival teams. Next month, our cheer teams have the opportunity to compete in TAPPS for cheer.

“Our Varsity Cheer team will perform a dance mix called Glam Mix! This is a pom routine, and they are putting in extra hours outside of school hours and during their school period to prepare for this competition! Practice the way you plan to perform is the way we like to put it! The chances for Varsity winning a trophy are very high if we work as a team! This TAPPS competition will take place on December 3rd-5th in Burton, Texas. Our Captain, Bella Newby, will be leading our Varsity girls with our strengths of using signs and chanting our favorite cheers! Their dedication and hard work have brought them this far, and we can’t wait for competition this year and years to come!

Our Junior High Cheer through this TAPPS competition will only be to get feedback on what we can grow as a team for our Junior High division! They will be performing a dance mix called Jock Jams Pom! Even though we can’t place, we plan to train and work hard to get great feedback from professionals in the cheer world. Our captain, KaCee Ressler, will lead our girls in the strength of dance! Dance and yelling are our biggest strengths, and we can’t wait to use them on the dance floor! Their dedication, time, and 110% have brought them this far, and we cannot wait for so much more!” ~Coach Kaia Rogers

Important Upcoming Dates:

Nov 11 – Mandatory Competition Cheer Practice 1:00 – 6:00 PM

Nov 15 – Doughnut Daze

Nov 16 – Junior High Drama Play

Nov 17 – 8th Grade Field Trip, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Pre-k & Kinder)

Nov 20 – 24 – Thanksgiving Break

Nov 28 – Giving Tuesday

Dec 1 – Varsity Girls Tournament, High School Drama Play, 1st Grade Field Trip

Dec 2 – Mandatory Competition Cheer Practice

Dec 3 – 5 – Competition Cheer Team to Burton

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