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Written by Anna Magallanes, Director of Development 

With Thanksgiving Break behind us, we are off and enjoying being in the classroom again!  We have a lot going on over the next few weeks as we approach our middle of the year point and Christmas Break.  This year is going by fast, and we are enjoying every minute of it!

JH Drama students gathered for a Murder Mystery Party
Our JH Drama students gathered for a Murder Mystery Party in the school cafeteria a few weeks ago, and it was a complete hit!  Thank you so much to Mr. Cowan for hosting this fun event for our students!  They are working now on the Christmas Drama Play that will be performed on December 9th.

Storytelling during the Preschool through 1st grade Thanksgiving feast celebrations. Pre-k through First Grades this year celebrated Thanksgiving by having a feast shared with parents and grandparents. Pre-k and kindergarten set up in the cafeteria and had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast, while First grade students celebrated in their classroom with a feast and by reading a book about Thanksgiving.

PK - 1st grade celebrating a Thanksgiving feast with colorful turkey feather headdresses.

BCS Student enjoying the potato sack race while on a field trip to Holiday Acres Christmas Tree Farm in Manvel.Millennium Industrial sponsored our BCS First and Second Grade Students for a field trip to Holiday Acres Christmas Tree Farm in Manvel.  Not only did the students learn about growing Christmas trees, but they had snowball fights, enjoyed hot cocoa, had a hay ride, sledded down hill and more!  A HUGE Thank you for our sponsorship.  Local businesses that donate their time and financial support to BCS are what allow us to continue to provide a top notch educational experience for all of our students and families.

BCS First and Second Grade Students on a hayride at Holiday Acres Christmas Tree Farm in Manvel.
BCS student enjoying a faux snowball fight on a field trip to Holiday Acres Christmas Tree Farm in Manvel.
If you haven’t visited the school in a while, be sure to stop in and see the Murals that the High School art class has been working so hard to put up! Great job!
High School Art class working on murals in the BCS halls.
Prior to the Thanksgiving break, several staff members bundled up and played a fast paced soccer game with our new BCS Soccer Team. Although it was a tough match, the staff members won 1-0, however, there were lots of tylenol, wrapping joints, and resting for staff members after the game! In any case, way to go BCS soccer team, we are excited to see you soar this year!
BCS Staff member lacing up her cleats to go head to head with the 2022-23 BCS Soccer Team.
BCS Soccer's Team playing against BCS Staff for a spirited game before the holidays.
BCS Soccer Team match against BCS Staff

Upcoming Dates to be mindful of:

Dec 6 – 9 – Lil Shopper’s Shoppe

Dec 12th – Christmas Concert & Chapel

Dec 13th – Jr. Class Field Trip

Dec 15th – ½ Day for Secondary only

Dec 15th – 16th – Secondary Final Exams

Dec 16th – Polar Express Day

Dec 16th – ½ Day of School for all grades and staff

Dec 19th – Jan 3rd – Christmas Break

Jan 4th – Return to School

School Calendar Link: https://1bcs.org/campus-life/school-calendar/

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